the sound of the ocean - mp3 download

Relax to the sound of the ocean. Listen to the coming and going of the waves. This high-fidelity recording made on the Greek island of Crete will banish stress and help you to unwind.


In our technical and over-stimulated world it is very important to give your senses a respite and enjoy a little leisure. No sound is more agreable and suitable to relaxation than the sound of the waves.  Enjoy a mini-holiday in your own home.


The “Sounds of Nature” label produced by Tunesday Records & Publishing is committed to presenting the sounds of nature for relaxation and wellness in the highest quality available.This recording has been further optimized by an intricate audio-mastering to be more realistic than unmastered recordings.  “Sounds of Nature” can be used as background for meditation as well as for many different relaxation techniques: Yoga, Qi Gong, PMR (progressive muscle relaxation), Tai Chi, Shiatsu, and in the sauna or spa.


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About 80 minutes of tranquillity to relax... Download at Amazon or  iTunes


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the sound of the ocean (relaxing ocean waves)
the sound of the ocean (relaxing ocean waves)

Feel the pure relaxation with this moderate sound of ocean waves:


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